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  1. Hello Charlotte!
    I recently found out about your awesome blog and wanted to let you know about Tea With Strangers.

    Tea With Strangers is born of a simple idea: to encourage conversations between strangers and build a sense a community that transcends traditional social boundaries. We believe that everyone is interesting and that everyone has something of value of share.

    Tea With Strangers is an initiative that is spreading across the world (25 cities and counting!) and came to London in June of last year. We have ten hosts currently living in London (although we're growing all the time!) who facilitate conversations between five strangers over two hours in various locations across the city...all over tea. To date we have connected over 120 strangers and had over 100 hours of conversation.

    You can find out more about us here: and You can also learn more about the man who started this movement, Ankit Shah, at:

    We were also in Time Out in their feature on tea earlier this year (Feb).

    We believe your viewers would be interested in what we do at Tea With Strangers and would love for you to feature us on your blog.

    If you'd like to chat about this more, or even meet up for a cup of tea, please do get back to me.